Female friendships on screen are often weakened by real-life challenges. But not in our case. And not in the real world. Female friendship may actually be one of the strongest things on the planet. It's a support system and a sisterhood.

The friendship we portray in this film is strengthened as Kristina and Astrid find a way to support each other by overcoming their differences. This is the story we want to tell. We want to portray a strong friendship, the way it can be in life.

We also want to humanize women and the choices they make about their own bodies. Which is even more important in today's climate. We need to empower each other, not shame, look down on or talk about each other. You never know someone else's struggle. 

We want to empower women!


Our goal is to make a great film that is visually and creatively interesting but that also tells a story about women and friendship. A story that isn’t the norm on screen.

We know that this is a controversial project, in many ways, but that's also why we feel it's so important to make it. 

Now we hope that as many women around the world will get the opportunity to watch this film and feel empowered by it, feel freed and maybe even feel inspired to reach out to that friend that is struggling.


Of course we also hope that everyone, who ever they are or identify as, will find something in this film that speaks to them. That shows that there is no such thing as perfect.

We are all, no longer perfect.